More Than Words: 6 Impacts of Positive Words of Encouragement

Mental Health Louisville
5 min readMay 11, 2022

by Katie Pierce

When it comes to our mental health, positive words of encouragement have a powerful effect on us. We all crave validation, especially from the ones that matter to us. Even simply telling praise to yourself in the mirror as part of your self-care ritual can change how you think.

Our words are powerful and positive encouragement can resonate with someone throughout their lives. Here are the 6 impacts of positive words and how they can change lives.

1. Positive Words Build People Up

As humans, we thrive on positive reinforcement and affirmation. When someone takes the time to tell us we are worthy, we naturally want to reciprocate the kindness. By being uplifting and encouraging, you can build up a broken person.

Positive affirmations can remind people of who they are and what they can do. Encouraging people to become their best selves is valuable to building up others. When you talk to someone going through a hard time, some words of encouragement can help them get through the darkness.

We speak and act as our habits are. When you give a person words of affirmation, they feel loved, accepted, and valued. When you talk to others with positivity, you see that reflected in their actions.

2. Words of Affirmation Gives Others Hope

When you think of hope, you may picture something distant and unattainable. However, hope is closer than you may think. When you show hope and encourage people, you give them something to work toward.

The act of encouraging someone with kind words uplifts them. You can show them that their words of hope are not lost on the Universe. You can provide the motivation they need to keep going.

Sometimes life can get harsh, and a little hope can go long. Hearing that someone believes in you and will help you overcome an obstacle can be life-changing. Especially when it comes from a person you look up to.

When you tell someone that they are strong, you help them believe in themselves. When you compliment them, they feel more confident. When you encourage them to go after their dreams, you…